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Chimney Maintenance and Safety

All National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) members are required to follow the NACS Code of Practice and Code of Conduct for the cleaning of chimneys. This provides a level of assurance for the customer, some say as good as liability insurance that their chimney flue has been inspected that it works properly and does not emit any harmful carbon monoxide fumes which could be harmful.

On completion of work, a NACS Certificate should be issued to certify that your chimney has been brush swept in accordance with the National Industry Standard.  It should also indicate if there were any discrepancies not meeting the standard and recommend when future cleaning should take place.  “The-Sweep” recommends that you have your flue cleaned twice a year.

Key points to consider

  • NACS certified chimney sweeps undertake an extensive training program and have to successfully complete a full assessment prior to trading as a NACS Member
  • All NACS Members must hold valid insurance for Chimney Sweeping
  • They must also have the correct equipment to be able to undertake the job which is checked at the time of their assessment
  • This certification applies to Coal, Wood, Oil or Biomass

The-Sweep has been fully accredited and certified since 1995 and meets and exceeds all standards in relation to all chimney sweep services it provides to all its customers.

Remember, we also perform external maintenance on your chimney in case you have a blockage, need a bird cowling fitted or need minor repair to your chimney pots by using a high-level cherry picker for easy access!

Chimney Fires

The Sweep works in conjunction with the guidance provided by the Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service and Norfolk County Council.

For more information on their latest safety guidelines visit their web page at:

If you have any questions on any of the information provided, please feel free to contact us.